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*We only ship to Australian readers; if you're overseas, please visit my author website Home Page for a list of international distributors of Nurturing Neurodivergence. If your country is yet to be listed, you can make a request for our book with your local bookshop using the ISBN(s) below. Bulk orders (>50 copies) for US, Europe and Australia may be possible to be arranged through us. Please email to enquire.


Book Details:

  • 150 pages (Bibliography in a downloadable document online)
  • 74 graphics/infographics
  • Published Dec 2023
  • Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-6458960-8-4

Dimensions: 152x 229 x 9.8mm; 285.3g

Premium colour interior pages on white, 103.6gsm paper + matte cover.

  • Hardback Limited edition (only 150 copies printed in Australia, each uniquely numbered)

ISBN: 978-0-6458960-9-1

Dimensions: 152x 229 x 12.7mm; 434.08g

Premium colour interior pages on white, 103.6gsm paper

Cloth-bound cover with matte dust jacket.


Book Description:

Life is hard even without unidentified neurodivergence, and you are not alone if you'd spent years wondering why everything was so hard before realising you're neurodivergent. That knowledge may come as a relief, but you may feel just as lost trying to navigate a predominantly neurotypical world. In my work as a psychologist, I find that support and resources for late-identified neurodivergent adults are scarce in comparison to those for children and parents. Therefore, this workbook-guide is specially created for late-identified autistic adults and/or adults with ADHD.
Written in a relaxed, easy-to-read tone, this neuro-affirming book combines research findings and clinical experience to help you better understand not only neurodivergence in general, but also what your late-identification of neurodivergence means to you. It offers concrete strategies to support you in building a healthier self-view and relationships with those around you. Healthy relationships with self and others help us build a more sustainable way of living and preventing neurodivergent burnout.
In each chapter, you'll come across questions and activities that can be used for guided introspective reflections. There are plenty of engaging infographics explaining key concepts (in vibrant, full premium-colour!), which cater to the ways that many neurodivergent people process information. Also included are practical tools and strategies to support you with navigating the day-to-day of being a late-identified neurodivergent adult. This book draws on a range of evidence-based psychotherapy models, including Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This will also be a fantastic resource for any neuro-affirming mental health practitioners working in the adult autism and ADHD space.


Booklife Editor's Pick:

"Neurodivergent psychologist Loo debuts with this uplifting compendium of recommendations and techniques for late-identified neurodivergent adults to build healthy relationships, self-acceptance, and more...The tone is warm and inviting,..[and readers] will find the colorful graphics, diagrams, and journaling opportunities particularly useful; Loo utilizes mind maps to illustrate complex topics, and visuals...[that] are bold, bright, and incredibly helpful... While she writes that the material is meant for [late-identified NDs], this handbook will also prove a valuable tool for any neurodivergent or neurotypical reader." (Full review on my author website Home Page).

Nurturing Neurodivergence: The Late-Identified Adults' Guide..|Adult Autism ADHD

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